The Specialist for Tool and Mold Making

For Visibly Increased Transparency

FWOne - Focused on Mold Making

The specialist for tool and mould making
With FWOne, you always have your mould making in focus.

FWOne is a powerful standard software for tool and mold making in the plastics processing industry.

With the solution, you can cover all internal toolmaking processes along the value chain – from tool costing to time feedback in mold making. In addition, FWOne can be expanded from a solution for the internal service provider “toolmaking” to a complete industry system for independent tool and mold making.

In addition to tool calculation and time feedback, FWOne offers you other industry-typical functions such as high-performance order processing, repair reports, post-costing, tool life cycles, preventive maintenance, etc. Special tools or tools for evaluation and drill-down analysis of the collected data round off the scope of services of this “best practice” solution for tool and mold making.

Visible Success Through:

Flexibility and Cost Efficiency

  • Modular Software Structure
  • High Process and Data Security (Separation of Application and Database)
  • Multilingual Capability
  • Easy Customizing During Implementation
  • Expandable to Independently Operating Toolmaking Companies

Transparency and User-Friendliness

  • Familiar Interface and Operation Concept Similar to Microsoft Office
  • Traffic Light Functions for Process Monitoring
  • Integrated Cross-Tabulation Analysis in the Standard Interface
  • Flexible Interface Design (In-House Customizing)

Industry Knowledge and Innovation

  • Experience in Toolmaking Since 1986
  • Over 100 Users from the Tool and Mold Making Sector
  • Development from a User Perspective Based on Customer Requirements and Desires
  • Highest Future Viability and Investment Security Through State-of-the-Art Programming Techniques
  • Continuous Development

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